Light Liposuction Schaumburg IL

Horizon Medical Center has earned a reputation as a provider of the best light liposuction in Schaumburg, IL. Light liposuction is a non-surgical weight loss option that uses specialized LED red lights to sculpt the body.

This one of a kind treatment is clinically proven to be an effective option for people who only need to lose small amounts of weight. The Schaumburg liposuction services we offer at Horizon Medical Center offer premium results in very little time. Patients can expect a loss of at least thirty percent of fat after just a few treatments.

Schaumburg light liposuction utilizes LED lights that emit heat and light that stimulate the body to burn fat cells. The combination of exercise, light exposure, and applied heat create a toning therapy that provides instantaneous results.

People diagnosed as morbidly obese are likely to not benefit from this form of body sculpting in Schaumburg. Specific target areas recommended for this therapy include the upper lip, chin, and thighs. Patients have also achieved desirable results when targeting the abdomen and arms with Lipo-Light weight loss in Schaumburg.

Complete Rundown of Water Assisted Water Lipo Benefits and Perks

What makes light liposuction so popular among women is its unique ability to target a specific area. By limiting the treatment zone, it is easier to create aesthetic curves along the body.

Clients are highly urged to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine during the treatment process to achieve the best possible results. Without proper exercise and nutrition, your results will flat line relatively quickly. The conjunction of a nutrient-rich diet with a high-intensity exercise program enhances toning in all areas of the body.

Patients are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids when going through the light lipo weight loss treatments we have to offer at Horizon Medical Center. Our FDA approved weight loss procedures are noninvasive and entirely safe for all patients. You’ll quickly feel up to returning to your normal physical activities after light liposuction therapy.

Immediate and Safe Fat Reduction Options

Enhancing the way you look can help you improve your self-confidence and sense of worth. The Ultra Slim weight loss therapy offered by our facility uses sculpting technology to enhance the appearance of the chin, hips, or waist. The results of the treatment appear after services are completed, which means you don’t have to wait around for real progress.

It is possible to reshape and tone multiple areas of your body at one time using this treatment option. However, it is better to focus on a single sector of the body for treatment to achieve well-rounded results. You can feel and look better than you have in years.

First Appointment for the Top Light Liposuction in Schaumburg, IL

Anyone with questions or concerns is urged to reach out to us at Horizon Medical Center at 847-490-0600. We can schedule your first appointment right away. Plus, we can introduce you to special money-saving discounts on our top of the line weight loss services and treatments.

Light Liposuction Schaumburg IL

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