On-site tests/PROCEDURES



Our facility offers the following tests and procedures on site. Should you need a special test or procedure, you could save up to 65% compared to hospital charges.

•  Laboratory

•  X-ray

•  Diagnostic Ultrasound

•  Doppler Ultrasound for peripheral vascular disease

•  Cardiology Testing - EKG, Stress Test (Treadmill Stress Test with Nuclear Heart Scan for the diagnosis of blockage in the arteries of the heart.), Echocardiography, 24 Holter monitoring for various cardiovascular problems

•  DEXA Scan for the diagnosis of osteoporosis (weak bones)

•  Nerve Conduction Test for diagnosis of pinched nerves and other nerve problems

•  Diagnostic Sleep Studies - On-Site and at home studies for the diagnosis of sleep apnea and other sleep related disorders

•  Hearing Tests

•  Cryotherapy for skin lesions

•  Office Surgery

•  IV fluids for dehydration