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Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders, with approximately half of adults reporting having symptoms of insomnia occasionally. Most insomnia cases are related to poor sleep habits or sleep “hygiene”. Two of the main factors are diet and exercise. Did you know – eating too close to bedtime, consuming alcohol or exercising in the evenings can significantly impact your quality of sleep if you are prone to insomnia?

The Doctors of Horizon Medical Center deeply care about quality of sleep. We truly understand in order to be healthy, quality sleep in an essential factor. That is why we offer a Full Service Sleep Laboratory. Here, you can participate in the on-site or at home sleep study. The doctors will also thoroughly consult you on your sleep habits and guide you into a routine that will impact your results, getting you back on track. Dreams and sleep are important for a long, happy life. We also offer drug free treatments for insomnia as well as medication when needed. And of course, we accept most PPO insurance to cover most of the financial responsibility.

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Insomnia Doctor Schaumburg IL

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