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Been dealing with a skin issue like unsightly scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, or another? You may want to try a skin rejuvenation treatment. Horizon Medical Laser MedSpa offers laser treatment with Harmony XL, an effective, safe, long-lasting technique for rejuvenating your skin and getting that glow you’ve always wanted. 

What is good for skin rejuvenation?

There are many different modern methods for skin rejuvenation, like moisturizers, chemical peels, IPL, laser therapy, and more, and there are lots of reasons to consider these treatments. They can work well for improving skin issues caused by aging, sun exposure, acne, and more, like wrinkles, sunspots, scarring, etc. The treatments are also very safe and entirely noninvasive, so they can be great alternatives to surgery, and they provide lasting results too. We can provide each of these treatments here at Horizon Medical Laser MedSpa, but laser therapy has a number of advantages over the other treatments.

How long does skin rejuvenation last?

The laser therapy technique we use here at Horizon Medical Laser MedSpa  is Harmony XL. It can treat any of the aforementioned skin issues and many others; in fact, it’s FDA-approved to treat over 65 medical aesthetic conditions. In the treatment, the laser gently heats the skin to disrupt unhealthy cells and promote collagen production in the area. The production of collagen is what truly rejuvenates the skin.

As for results, you can almost certainly expect them! They vary from patient to patient, but can be quite dramatic for a patient. After a treatment, you may notice immediate results, but this depends on the issue that was treated. Sometimes results will be gradual and progressive. In many cases, results will last for years before a patient needs another treatment, and in other cases, results can be permanent!

How often should you do skin rejuvenation?

Depending on the particular issue you’re addressing, you may need to do skin rejuvenation treatments every week or every year. This can really vary between patients, so you should come see us here at Horizon Medical Laser MedSpa to find out what you can expect for your results.

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