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Horizon Medical Center provides an experienced Sleep Study Doctor Schaumburg IL . Contact us or schedule an appointment You can also call our office at (847) 490-0600 for a Sleep Study Doctor Schaumburg IL and more information.

A sleep study is a diagnostic test that records the activity of the body during sleep.

Sleep studies have also been valuable to psychology, in which they have provided insight into brain activity and the other physiological factors of both sleep disorders and normal sleep.

At Horizon Medical Center – We take sleep very seriously. Here, you can participate in the on-site or at home sleep study. Our Sleep Laboratory is one of the finest facilities in the state. The doctors will also thoroughly consult you on your sleep habits and guide you into a routine that will impact your results, getting you back on track. We truly understand that sleep and the quality of your sleep, is essential for a long, happy life.

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Sleep Study Doctor Schaumburg IL

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